14 August 2012

Whatever You Bank

I will soon exit my fifties, and nothing I have learned is more compelling than the power of cumulative in the sense that whatever we bank will gain strength and power in our lives, for our good...or not so good.

As it concerns physical health, your body will express in your fifties whatever you have banked in your thirties and forties. If you have eaten well and exercised diligently, you will have in your vault of health a reserve that will combat the inevitable aging of your body. You absolutely can impact your mobility, your disease factor and your pain quotient. Little or no reserve will lead you into a bankruptcy of health.

Emotionally, if you bank freedom from grudge-holding, residue anger and envy, your heart will build a reserve that you can tap into over all of your years. Emotional fragility from carrying unnecessary baggage will tear into your health reserve, your relationships and your intimacy with God.

Spiritually, if you bank the promises of God by reading His road map (the Bible), learning to hear His voice (the Holy Spirit) and embracing the truth of Jesus as God, then Psalm 119 (MSG translation) says something quite interesting:
"I've banked your promises in the vault of my heart so I won't sin myself bankrupt."
Sin myself bankrupt?

Not that I won't sin...just that I won't bankrupt myself on my sin.

We bank money. We bank health. We bank emotional freedom.

Why don't we bank the promises of God?

Why aren't we that good to ourselves?

Wherever you spend your time today, spend to save by banking a few of the promises of God. Let the power of cumulative work in your favor.

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